A-Z Challenge ~ A to Z Reflection Post #AtoZChallenge

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First, I’d like to thank all the wonderful people that put together this challenge. There were a lot of people signed up and tons of blogs to check out. Not an easy feat to check up on everyone. (I’ve posted the A to Z team’s links at the bottom of this post)

Please go to the A to Z Challenge Blog to see other post, other reflections, or to do it yourself next time.

I have to say this challenge was a lot of fun. The preplanning, or as much as I could, the anticipation, the nervousness, and, of course, trying to figure out what to write. Picking a word or theme for each letter was half fun and half nerve-wracking. Most of the time, I wrote about silly stuff, but it worked and I got it done.My most popular post was the one about my sister, Kristen. I had no idea what to do with “K” so I decided to write a little ditty about her. 🙂

The crazy posts were written while I was eating breakfast, standing in line to a museum, or on the bus during my son’s eight grade American Heritage trip. The other parents would ask me what I was doing and why was I always working. And I was working and doing homework as well, but I had to blog every letter… I made a commitment, right? Trying to figure out what to write while running around was an adventure. So, I gave tidbits of our trip and the cool things we were seeing. Other times, I used little writing assignments I had been given in some of my literature classes. But most of the posts were about me in some way shape or form. You can see all of my posts here.

During the challenge, I noticed a steady increase of traffic. It’s addicting. Now, I’m looking for things to write about so I can keep people coming. Because, we have to post things in order to have them stop by and visit, right? So, because I usually don’t post on a daily or weekly basis, you’d hear crickets on my blog. The thing I’ve learned from this is I like interacting with people and I want to give them a reason to visit me. I’m going to figure out a commitment I can stick with and keep up with it. Maybe blog once or twice a week, find a theme to talk about, and maybe even highlight another author once a week.

Next year, I’m definitely signing up. No question about it. However, I think I’d like to find a theme and stick with it. It might make it easier to continue. Also, I think it’s important to try and preplan and write the posts ahead of time. Some of the posts I did schedule, but I ran out of time before my trip and just had to wing it. Next time, no more winging it, I’ll have it all done early on.

A HUGE thank you to those that stopped by with comments and likes to my posts. And for sharing your blogs with me. I found a lot of great new people to visit. It’s been fun!

For my visitors, what was your favorite post of mine?

And for other A to Z bloggers what was the favorite post you wrote?  

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