A-Z Challenge ~ Kristen #atozchallenge

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This blogging by letter is kind of fun, but I’m not much of a writer in this manner. So, sorry if some of these topics bore you to death. When I was sixteen years old, my mother popped out another girl. She also had one when I was thirteen. But when I was sixteen, I moved to California to live with my dad, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my baby sister after she was born. However, once I graduated high school and she flew out here with my other sister, Denise and my mother, I decided to take my sisters every summer my mother was willing to send them to me. The youngest, Kristen, loved coming to visit me and came almost every single summer until she went to college and worked two jobs.

My husband and I had a tradition just for her. Every year on her birthday, we’d take her on a special vacation. One year we went on Disney Cruise, another Cancun, and another Hawaii. You get the point. We didn’t even do this for our boys, but my baby sister got spoiled every year.

Even though we have so many years between us, we are very close. She’s my friend, my sister, and we all tease that she’s my daughter (since I don’t have any girls). I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished. Graduating college, getting a job in her field and pursuing that career to the fullest. Recently, she received a promotion and was moved across the country.

It took me all these years (since she graduated high school) to convince her to move to California with me.  Finally, almost ten years later, I have her here on the West Coast. She’s living in Northern California, near San Francisco, not so close, but a lot closer than she was. And I’m ecstatic. So far this year, I’ve been up to see her once, and she’s come down to see me. We hope to do this as often as possible.

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Me and Kristen at our favorite Mexican restaurant


Do you have a favorite sibling?