A-Z Challenge ~ Zzzzzzz #atozchallenge

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This is it!! I can sleep and take a nap now.

I’ve done it!

I’ve completed the A to Z Challenge and blogged every letter of the alphabet during the month of April. I did it even though I was on a rigorous trip with my son’s class, through homework, and my full-time job. I feel so accomplished!

I will definitely do this again and maybe even pick a theme next time. This year was my first and I winged it. But I did it!

It is difficult to find something to talk about daily, hence the reason some of my topics were random and possibly not that interesting. However, this did strike up a desire to blog more often than I did. Maybe even a couple of days a week is something I can do! Hopefully you’ll find something you can connect with and get to know me better. All of my posts this month have been me. Me in my easy way of speaking, no doctoring up and trying to make it pretty. I like sharing pieces of myself in a natural and easy going manner.

So, hopefully you all will stick around and keep coming back for more!

Thank you to all of those that stopped by and read my words. To those that commented and liked my posts! The support kept me going and made it easier to continue blogging.

What was your favorite post of the month?