NaNo ~ Day 1 ~ Confessions of a NaNoer

Confessions of a NaNo participant.

Well, I must be crazy. Seriously. In the past two years that I have attended college this recent class that I just started a week and a half ago has to be by far the most difficult. On top of that, I don’t think the instructor likes me very much. My workload is unlike anything I have ever seen and I haven’t had time to  take my nose out of my 3000 page textbook to even breathe.

So a week and a half into that and NaNo starts, Yay!! Yeah right. I’m so stressed about school and almost on the verge of tears from it, add to that stress NaNo and here comes nervous break down.

But I won’t go down so easily. I’ll find a way. I’ll conquer this bitch … school and NaNo. So far today I’ve written a total of 1278 words and the day is not over yet. I still have the rest of the night, but before I get back to writing family duties call.

I have kids, dogs, and hummingbirds to feed, trash to take out, and homework to do before I can dig in some more. Until then, my story will be playing in my head and I’ll be mentally writing till my fingers can touch those keys on my laptop.

Wish me luck and cheer me on. I’ll need all the good Karma I could wish for.

And for those that are also fellow NaNoers … Good Luck!! You can do it!