NaNo ~ Day 2 ~ Confessions of a NaNoer

Well my high ambitions of meeting my writing schedule were thwarted when my house guest, father, needed me to assist him at the AT&T store to get a cell booster for his house out in BFE. Knowing that anything in a place like that does not take a few minutes, but rather hours I got home quite late and with barely enough time to finish my homework before midnight.

My dad comes to visit like twice maybe three times a year. It is always a disruption to my night life–sitting in my home office doing homework or writing–because we have to talk for hours about things we just talked about on the phone. *sigh* I shouldn’t complain about the disruption because really who knows how long he’ll be around for and I should be enjoying every moment I can have with him. But … This past week has been H-E-L-L for me.

School is kicking my ass and put on the pressure of NaNo and then … here comes a house guest. Also, with that house guest, my father, we are also business partners so of course I have to spend a lot more time at work than I usually do. Well, you know because I have to catch him up on things he’s missed out on the past six months or so.

I have cried more times this week than I probably have in my whole life, because I’m not really an emotional type of crier unless it’s for a sad movie. I am emotionally drained and physically burnt out. My time has been so limited this week and the more I stress about it the more tired I get. So, instead of my usual bedtime of 11 or 12 at night, I’ve been wanting to sleep at around 9 or 10. :/ *throws hands up* I even took a nap yesterday.

So yesterday I got in a whopping 0 words for the day. Yay!! Yeah, no party throwing here. I hope when my dad goes home on Monday I can get my life back in order and write, write, write!

In the meantime, he’s out with friends today and I don’t have to entertain him, so I’ll get to writing now.

Good luck everyone. I hope you’ve all had a much better start than I have. I’ll catch up … I don’t doubt it for a minute! 😉

If you want to join me in some Word Count sprints, WC’s, come find me on Skype. itlnbrt