Millicent Marie is NOT my Name by Karen Pokras Toz ~ Review

I signed up to read and review this book because honestly I liked the cover.

I’d have to give this book 5 stars for a kids book.

It is in fact a middle school age book and actually asked my son, Antonio, who is 11 years old and in 7th grade.

His opinion was great seeing he is a boy and in that age bracket.

Millicent Marie was a very good read and it sucked me in. Millicent was quite funny and had a lion inside of a kitten’s body. She was fierce, loyal, and compassionate, but those traits were hidden because she felt slightly bullied.

I had a lot of laugh out loud moments where even at 41 years old I related to what was happening. My mom too is a compulsive, thrifty shopper, with a whole storage center full of food and supplies in her house. The things Millicent’s mom said and did were so spot on with my mother that it was like deja vu reading her mother speak. Shhh… I even saw myself in her mother as well. 😉

Millicent’s kid brother was a pain in the butt, but aren’t they all. He sure did make it interesting, though.

Inside this funny book was a lesson. Have to be happy about a lesson. Bullying. Even when we think we are the victim we may be a bully too. So I was reminded of a good point, one my son learned all over again.

I asked my son a few questions about Millicent Marie and here’s what he said.


Skip Antonio’s Q & A if you don’t want to read spoilers.


Me:  Antonio, What are you reviewing? What’s it about? What is the Plot?

Antonio: Well, I’m reviewing Millicent Marie. It’s about a girl who’s brother makes a blog from her PRIVATE diary. Everybody in school reads it and emails her what they think about it. At first she want to delete it, but all the attention makes her keep it.
The story mostly is about bullying/bullies and what you can learn about them if you get to know them. Millie (short for Millicent) is being bullied by a girl named Haylee. Millie thinks she’s mean just because. When Haylee makes an account on Millie’s blog as Samantha, Millie figures out that all bullies aren’t mean just to be mean. She realizes there could be something going on at home to make them do these things.

Me: Who are the main characters?

Antonio: Millicent Marie, Natalie, Haylee, and Jordan

Me: What specifically did I like/dislike? Why?

Antonio: Honestly, I loved everything. The book was entertaining and every word made me want to keep on reading. I learned something with it too.

Me: Well, thank you Antonio for helping me out with this and for answering these questions for me.

End of Spoiler


This is a great book for your children. Packed with fun and good lessons I’m sure they’ll like it a lot. Mine did.

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