Killer's Law by L. Ron Hubbard ~ Galaxy Press Audiobooks

Killer’s Law by Ron Hubbard

 = I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t a perfect “Special Shelf” match for me, but I really liked it.

The cover matched the book style perfectly. It is old-fashioned looking just like the audiobook sounds.

Goodreads summary:

Sheriff Kyle of Deadeye, Nevada has traveled to the nation’s capital to personally bring evidence against one of the state’s wealthiest copper kings. But instead of giving his findings to the senator he’s supposed to meet, Kyle discovers a trail of blood moments before he’s knocked unconscious.
Kyle awakens to the flashing bulbs of reporters and harsh voices of police demanding to know why he’s killed the popular politician. Things look particularly bleak—he’s got no alibi, no memory of who knocked him out, and his five-inch knife is sticking out of the corpse—casting all suspicions his way.



I was contacted by Galaxy Press to listen and review some of these audiobooks. My first response was heck yeah, because I love audiobooks. I’ll try them. I spent over 2 hours in the car today with my 11 year old son and thought I’d pop in one of these audiobooks. Killer’s Law was the lucky book, and my son and I both enjoyed it immensely. The first thing he asked me was if all the audiobooks I listen to have sound effects. I told him that no they don’t. He was quite impressed with this audiobook, as it was like listening to a movie… his words. But I agree. As we sat in traffic and listened I personally felt like this is what my father said he used to listen to on the radio when he was a kid. Of course I wouldn’t know for sure, but from his descriptions this is what I pictured it. It was amazing. Each character had his or her actor and the sound effects of gun shots, feet running, dogs barking, and fighting were such a wonderful addition. It was a special treat in my ears. I love audiobooks because if the narrator is good they can really separate the characters and entertain me while getting in a good book, but this audiobook went above and beyond.

The stories themselves were entertaining and fun. I listened to Killer’s Law, and it had 3 extra stories on the disks. I also got in They Killed Him Dead, The Mad Dog Murder, and The Blow Torch Murder. Nothing I had ever listened to before and I loved them. My son did as well. He was happy I helped him fill his reading requirement for the day with something so fulfilling. The 2 disks were a total of two hours. These stories are good for people of any age. I think these audiobooks are definitely worth a look at