Review ~ Innocents (Dusty #1) by The Elizabeths

Innocents (Dusty, #1)Innocents by Mary Elizabeth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars







This is a book that takes me back to my school days and when I fell in love with the wrong boy. Or maybe he was right, but did the wrong things? I’ll never know, because that story didn’t end well.

And after reading this … I’m not sure how this will end either. This was the first book in the Dusty series so the ending here was … well you’ll have to read it.

The story is so poetical with sharp slashes of harsh reality. It’s the pretty with the ugly, the good with the bad. It’s heart wrenching and just so painful at times. But the characters are so real and strong and there. At times you’ll love them and hate them, but either way, you’ll feel for them. Hard. They’ll get under your skin and you’ll think about the sweet times and the awful times they go through.

It’s not a light easy read, but it’s one that is definitely worth your time and one you won’t regret.


The girl with an innocent heart knows all about bad choices, but has yet to make them for herself. Searching for freedom, she finds it in the delinquent down the hall.

The troublemaker with summer-sky blue eyes knows he should stay away, but can’t resist the blissful wonder who makes his house a home.

She’s a hopeless romantic. He’s just hopeless.

She’s his reason, but he might not catch her when she falls.

She loves him. He loves her crazy.

This is what happens when a love made of secrets is kept with rules instead of promises.