Review ~ How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You by T.M. Franklin

How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with YouHow to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You by T.M. Franklin

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T.M. Franklin has amazing skills and she filled in the amazing cover perfectly. This book totally attracted me right from the start with its amazing cover and engaging trailer.
But it’s really what’s inside the book that matters, right?

Well, there’s not problem there. HtGABtFiLwY (yeah, that’s a really long title, even abbreviated) is a fun story with lots of growth and lessons. It’s about the geek or the nerd you may know and how they learn how to fight for what they want. And with that, he knows it’s okay to be himself, just the way he is.

And you know that girl, the really pretty one that seems way out of your league? Well, she’s human too, and may not be as perfect as you might think. You might just be able to bring her true self out and help her see that it’s okay to be you.

Well, read this so you can see how Oliver and Ainsley interact, become friends, and possibly fall in love (I’m not telling you how it ends). Just go read it, you won’t regret it.

I love the cover, the trailers, and the story!! I might even make my 13 year old son read it. There’s some great lessons in there.




Seventeen-year-old Oliver Wendell Holmes (Yes, his parents are just that peculiar, but his brother’s name is Sherlock, so it could have been worse) knows that he’s different. He’s quirky, awkward, and he’s okay with that. Oliver also likes making lists—meticulous procedures for achieving his goals, step-by-step. Whether it’s “How to Get an A in Chemistry” or “How to Get Accepted to MIT,” he has a process, and it’s worked for him so far. He doesn’t even care that the popular kids mock him. Oliver’s got his eye on the prize.

So when he decides it’s time to declare his feelings for Ainsley Bishop, the girl of his dreams, it’s only natural for him to make a list—a point-by-point strategy to win her heart. He knows it will take a grand gesture for her to see all he has to offer, and her approaching birthday provides the ideal opportunity for Oliver to put his plan into action.

Finding the perfect gift is a challenge Oliver meets with his usual dogged determination. He’ll need to watch her carefully for clues to pinpoint exactly what he should give her. And along the way, he might just learn that what Ainsley really needs is not quite what he expected.