A-Z Challenge ~ Culver City #atozchallenge

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In my book, My Mr. Manny I wrote about Culver City, the home of Mia. Well, this was also my home from when I was sixteen until about ten years ago. Both Mia and I graduated from Culver High School and lived in Raintree, the town home/Condominium community.

Culver City was created by Harry Culver and became a municipality in 1917. It was a big movie city, more so than Hollywood at the time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t given the credit for all the movies done like Hollywood was. As a matter of fact, movies either said Hollywood or nothing, opting out on giving Culver City the credit it deserved. The movie industry is still a big part of the city as Sony Studios resides there currently.

In My Mr. Manny, I discuss the beautiful town home/condominium community Mia lives in and how it was also used as a filming lot for The Wizard of Oz. Well, in this very informative video by Huell Howser, you can learn more about the city, and the significance of the Culver Hotel.The munchkins from The Wizard of Oz stayed in that hotel during the filming of the movie.
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There is a small museum with some costumes from different actors and classic movies.

If you’re into a little history, watch Huell’s video of the city.