A-Z Challenge ~ Boys #atozchallenge

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I think it takes a special woman to live in a house with all boys. I live with my two sons and husband and, although, I should be the odd one out, it has never worked out that way.

As a kid, I wasn’t exactly a tomboy, my dad describes me more of a tough girl, but I liked to hang out with the boys. I wanted to do whatever they did, because I knew I could. I thought, if they could bench press 130 lbs., so could I. Whatever they could do, I could do better. Really. So, I’ve had lots of practice on how to act around and deal with boys. It has, most likely, prepared me for the overdose of testosterone I’ve been dealing with the past 20-something years.

I think I’m quite lucky, I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful boys. All my time with them has been great. One of our most favorite things to do together is travel.

So in keeping with the “B” theme for today, here we are in front of Buckingham Palace a few years ago.


 photo DSCN0167_zpsd7e3de5d.jpg


And here we are in front of Big Ben.

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Now my eldest is in bootcamp for the U.S. Navy and my youngest is finishing up eighth grade. Time goes by way too fast. I love my boys.

Here’s a recent picture of my boys.

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