Creating a Media Kit, Press Release or Press Kit

Learn how to create your own Marketing Kit …

Sara Walter Ellwood

Blog hosts, have you ever been frustrated with the way authors send their materials to you for a blog stop? Authors, have you ever wondered what to include for a promo blog stop?

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Whatever you call it, a media kit (also known as press release and press kit), can be extremely helpful to bloggers receiving an author’s information for a blog stop.

I’ve hosted blogs for a few years now, and I can always tell the newbie authors from those who have been promoting for a while. The newbies often send incomplete information and often in several documents, which I have to piece together to make sure they post to my blog properly.

Here are some helpful suggestions on what to include in a Media Kit and the formats that should be used.

1.  Include a JPEG or PNG of the cover or covers being promoted. Approximate…

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