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The Bride UnbridledThe Bride Unbridled by Damon Starc

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Hmmm, I felt like I jumped into the middle of a story when I started to read this novella. The summary caught my eye and grabbed my attention, but the story was a lot less plot and a lot more smut than I expected. Not saying it was bad, I just wasn’t expecting it. I expected erotica, but I guess I wanted a little more story with the sexy times.

However, the sex scenes were hot, I felt bad for the Groom. He wanted what was going on and then he didn’t. Marcie lived out her fantasies and I think it was at a big cost. But that’s the thing … didn’t the Groom know all this before? And what happened after? I feel like I missed something. It could have been longer, with a bit more meat.

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As the Newlyweds embark on the erotic adventure of their honeymoon the sexual tension threatens to bubble over. They have endured a selfimposed sex embargo, part of an erotic pact that dares the Bride to expose her gorgeous body publicly; a pact designed to add a little fire to their honeymoon.

The Bride is full of life and energy, “…exquisite, still cocooned in the flowing white lie, a sterile illusion betrayed by her green eyes, a sparkling window to a soul exploding in colour.”

Erotic sparks begin to fly from the moment they are in the limo to the airport and continue throughout their international flight as they tease each other with scorching erotic fantasies and confessions.

Little do they know it will ignite an erotic inferno.

The enigmatic Groom is torn between his erotic fantasies of wifewatching and his possessive tendencies towards control and jealousy and his Bride knows it.

The Bride nervously fulfils her dare and finds her exhibitionism surprisingly fulfilling. Her Groom hahoped it would give her selfimage a boost and him a thrill but he gets more than he bargained for.

The Bride rebelliously fuels the inner battle in her new husband when they meet the charismatic alpha male Lancelot and the desirable Paulo, drawing her into an exploration of her own long suppressed erotic desires and sexual taboos.

Lancelot seems to understand her hidden needs better than she does and enjoys the challenge of forcing her astray, “a wedding ring is the ultimate sex toy and you already have one of them.”

Sexual boundaries are tested and then smashed as the Bride is taken to new erotic heights. “Inch by meaty inch they drag her to the peak of her private Everest.”

And what of her Groom, handcuffed and cuckolded, will his inner conflict destroy him? Will this white hot erotic affair destroy their one day old marriage?

Genre Erotica

Expected Publication Date December 5th 2013


About the Author

1375778_1461388617418945_234813692_nMy suffering for my art began at a tender age when I first started my research into erotica undressing a Barbie doll to explore her firm but nippleless breasts, resulting in a fair slapping from my mother when she caught me in the act.

Only temporarily deterred, puberty found me secretly and enthusiastically studying the erotic novels my parents kept hidden in their sock drawers.

By my estimate I have dedicated around 40,000 hours to erotic fantasies, um, research, since those first tentative steps.

The Bride Unbridled is my first novella, born from the seed Barbie helped plant all those years ago and which I have diligently nourished daily ever since.

The Bride Unbridled is the beginning of a series of Transformational Erotica.



I can be contacted by email at and welcome constructive feedback and suggestions.

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