Review ~ Fourth Down by Kirsten DeMuzio

Fourth DownFourth Down by Kirsten DeMuzio

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During the biggest football game of his life, Ford Walsh makes a split second decision that will change his life. For the worse. Three years later, Ford is still stuck in that moment – when his leg was broken and his dreams along with it. Not able to move on, Ford trudges through his life, each day more depressing than the last.

Poppy Mitchell has dreams of being a doctor, and she will work night and day to get there. Sweet, focused, and hard working, Poppy forges ahead when obstacles get in her way. When circumstances bring them together, Ford and Poppy develop an unlikely friendship. As they grow closer, Ford is faced with another fourth down decision. Will he go after his old dreams when given the chance? Will Poppy sacrifice her dreams for his? Or will she let him go?

**This book is recommended for a mature audience, age 18 and older, due to language and explicit content.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great little story. I truly connected with the characters and felt like I wanted to know them in real life. Ford and Poppy … love those names!

At first, while reading, I thought some of the dialogue was redundant. The character would think it then say it. But I think it improved over the course of the story or I got used to it. It didn’t distract me too much because the story was just too good.

With alternating POV’s Poppy and Ford told their stories and it was done so well. The story covered a couple of sad and tough subjects to deal with and the author did a great job. I experienced it all with the characters.

I would recommend this book for anyone that enjoys romances, football, and a great little story.


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