Lookie lookie.

Colleen Hoover

Today is a huge day for this guy right here.  We should probably remove that title, though, because it’s a very hopeful day. 😉

Yes, I just made a corny pun.



Griffin Peterson, aka the guy on the cover of Losing Hope, just released his first two songs today.  Or tonight.  Or technically tomorrow.  Whichever way, they’re available for download now on iTunes.

I’m going to post the links and even if you hate music or you lost your headphones or you don’t understand english or your religion forbids you from dancing…please download these songs anyway.

It was just last January that I was in the position he’s in right now with my first book.  Starting out, hoping for the best and hella nervous.  When you don’t have an industry behind you and no advertising budget, word of mouth is the one and only way to get noticed.  You…

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