Review ~ Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Beautiful RuinsBeautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

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Beautifully written story about many intertwined lives. The story flops back and forth between past and present showing the lives of these characters who somehow all are connected or will connect. The story begins in Porto Vergogna, Italy in 1962. Then we’re switched between Hollywood, CA and Idaho wrapped up in movie industry people and this one man from Italy, Pasquale. It’s quite amazing how the author was able to keep all of the stories straight and clear for the reader. I never once felt lost or confused with the changing of points of view or time. Although, I must say, when the story would change time it was quite frustrating because it would change right as a good part of the story was coming. But that kept the interest and suspense alive.

Seeing as all of these lives were touched in some way with each other I was dying to find out how it was all going to work out. The author used a cute approach to his ending, the wrapping it all up in a pretty bow, but not quite. I mean, he told us how everyone’s life continued or ended, but it wasn’t all lolly pops and sunshine, it was real life. Not too sad, but reflective is how this story left me. And I think one of the lessons I learned is to do the right thing even if it’s the farthest from the thing I want most.

I liked this author’s writing style as he painted the pictures of scenery in every encounter. The beautiful cliffs of Porto Vergogna, the crazy traffic of L.A., and the open country of Washington.

I will definitely read more of his work and recommend this to others.

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