Review ~ Another View of Emma by Joan Austen-Leigh

A Visit to Highbury: Another View of EmmaA Visit to Highbury: Another View of Emma by Joan Austen-Leigh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The cover is quite perfect for what I picture to be Frank Churchill singing with Jane Fairfax at the pianoforte. It’s fitting.

The real reason I read this book was it was chosen to go along side Lady Susan for the Austen book club I belong to. I read it in a rush today in order to be ready for the meeting tomorrow. Nice, entertaining, smooth, and easy read.

This was a cute addition to the story of Emma and another side of things we did not see in Jane Austen’s Emma. It is written in an epistolary fashion and is very cute. Mrs. Goddard writes back and forth with her sister from Highbury to London with news about each other’s lives.

Love and romance all around and in typical Austen style her great-great-niece? (the great-grandaughter of Jane’s nephew). It was a nice mix between Lady Susan in Emma’s world.

This is how an Austen extension book should be written. I’ve read many and many were good, but this stayed in Austen fashion and kept the characters in their roles. Did not feel like fan fiction like some others I have read, it was very very good and entertaining. Great book. Recommended by all Austen fans.

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