Review ~ Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani

Big Stone GapBig Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to start off stating that I love the way Adriana Trigiani writes. She has a way with words and uses them to paint a scene so vivid that you feel as if you’re there.

I started reading her books out of order. I discovered her last book The Shoemaker’s Wife from the NYT Best Seller’s List and fell in love. From there I read all her other books except this series because I prefer audiobooks and there were only abridged versions. I wanted the whole story so I waited and Wala!! Here they are.

Her books are always so heartfelt. Big Stone Gap made me fall in love with Virginia like no other. The book had me in tears almost throughout the whole thing. I was either heartbroken, touched, or so happy that the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. It took me two days to finish this book and I want more already.

Ave Maria was a 35 year old “spinster” as far as she was concerned. She was too busy doing … doing everything. She did so much that she couldn’t even make time for her own thoughts or feelings until she put herself into a deep sleep for 7 days. As her life fell apart in small ways but all at once she realized that it was all to strip away and find the real her. Her life changed, new opportunities arose and great things came from that.

She didn’t trust men and thought she really didn’t want love in her life, but I think she had so much to give and was just guarding it all from possible heartbreak. She was alone … her mother died months before and her “father” years before. The life she had lived was a lie anyway, so stripping it away was not a problem really. In the end she found love and was better for it.

It was difficult watching her walk around so “strong” and “held together” when you knew all she really needed was a good cry. She needed to admit that she wanted to love and be loved. She didn’t think she was worthy. We watched her grow and realize how good she was. Ave’s story was an incredible story of self discovery and growth.

Happy ending always make it that much better.
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