Have I recovered yet?

Not quite sure if I’ve completely recovered from my November adventure. NaNoWriMo was a challenge that I took … write 50k words in 30 days. In case you didn’t know, I failed. However, I’m not torn up about it too much, because I did 30k words, had the roughest college class of my life, threw a birthday party for my now 12 year old, cooked for Thanksgiving, and got so fricken ill, I thought I was going to die. BUT I still did 30k words. Woot!!

I learned a few things as well. I would say the first thing is if I’m ever going to do NaNo again, it has to be to write something super familiar. The second thing would be is to never do NaNo again. Seriously. That first problem was probably one of the biggest downfalls for me. I started a fantasy story with characters and scenes that needed so much attention to detail and time to think about things. Not a thing to do during NaNo. During NaNo the goal is to just write and write and write. I couldn’t do that. I had to stop and calculate and think and plan and plot. Meh! It’s fine, really. What I did get out of NaNo, besides an exhausted body and mind is an excellent start of a story. I have the bones … and now I just need to add the flesh. When I write I need the time to mull things over in my mind and work out the scenes. I’m not a fly by 30 night writer.

So, I doubt I’ll ever officially put that pressure on myself again, but I’m no less proud of the 30k words I did during November.

Stay tuned for info about my novel coming out next year and maybe teasers of the fantasy novel I started during NaNo.

Thanks for reading and following!