Eire's Captive Moon by Sandi Layne

Éire's Captive Moon (Éire's Viking, #1)Éire’s Captive Moon by Sandi Layne

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I should have waited to read this. 😉 Honestly, because it’s part of a trilogy and I want the next book already. Not sure I can wait however long it’s going to take for it to come out. That’s how good this was.

I must say I love historical fiction and this one was quite amazing. I loved being transported to another place and another time. She did it so well and the words, descriptions, and the scenery were perfect.

The characters–all of them– were so well worked that I fell in love with some I probably shouldn’t have and definitely hated those I should.
Every single character was well formed in my mind. I saw moonbeam’s pale hair and skin and her bird tattoo. I saw the Viking’s braids, thick and hanging. Our heroine was strong and stubborn and truly for her own good. She was not weak in anyway, but at the end of this one I think she had a bit of a hard time deciding who to be with. Even she wanted the person she shouldn’t. I was actually routing for her to pick him at that time, but then I thought about Kingson and how he’s technically better for her. It was all so wonderfully written. Our Viking, Agnarr, said he’d be back and I can’t wait to see how this works out.

I’ll be watching out for the rest of the trilogy!!

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