Review of Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett

Blaze of Winter (Star Harbor, #2)Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stars: 4.5
Cover: Sexy with a tall dark and handsome man on it. Must be Theo.


Elisabeth Barrett wrote a wonderful tale based near my home town in Massachusetts. It made me miss what I never thought I would, snow.

This story was about a trouble making boy that grew up into a wonderful man. He was the mastermind, the planner, in the group of trouble makers made up of him and his brothers. Theo was a tall handsome man with crazy colored eyes that made him so much more sexier.

Avery had tons of loss in her life and then had to deal with what she considered failure. She was damaged, and knew it. She wasn’t looking for love because she thought it would complicated things. However, Theo wanted to prove to her that she needed him, and should be with him. He spent the whole book plotting and planning ways to make her believe him and trust him.

During the wonderful love story there was another story that we’re privileged with. You’ll have to read to find out. Instead of giving spoilers I’ll tell you how the book made me feel.

Nostalgic because of it’s location. Swept off my feet due to Theo’s gallantry. Frustrated with Avery’s stubbornness and denial. All of those things hooked me. I loved the close, tight-knit community, the gossip mill, and the family Star Harbor was. It was amazing and even though the setting was in the middle of winter I felt so warm by all of the love.

The flow of the love story went exactly how it should have. Not too fast nor too slow. The things Theo and Avery learned and the way he loved her was so inspiring.

Absolutely great read! A must read!

~NOTE: Copy of this book was provided by NetGalley and Random House Publishing. Thank you. I’m not paid for writing a review -I do it because I love to read and when I read a book I just love, I feel the need to share it.

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