Review ~ Toccata Obbilato by Jennifer Theriot

Toccata Obbligato ~ Serenading KyraToccata Obbligato ~ Serenading Kyra by Jennifer Theriot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a super short story, quick read, that gave us an inside look at someone that showed up in another series, Out of the Box. I didn’t know that when I read it. And, because I hadn’t read that series before I read this, I felt like it was too much of a quick telling. The story was just that… a lot of telling and not a lot of showing, BUT when it did get to the showing parts, those were really good. The whole things seemed fast, the love, the dating, the proposal, and I’m not sure if I felt like everything was resolved. But again, I think it’s supposed to be that way. I need to read the other series so I can appreciate this more, because this rocker, Todd, was seriously hot!! I was rooting for him the whole time!
Besides the story itself and the writing, I’d like to speak about the narration, since I listened to this in audio format. I listen to a lot of audiobooks, most of the books I “read” are audiobooks. I even have favorite narrators. I thought the writing of Todd’s (the MC) thoughts and the way he spoke were very fitting, but the narrator did not translate that. I honestly did not like the narrator very much at all. ( I hate saying anything negative at all, but if you’re an audiobook connoisseur like I am, you’ll appreciate the honesty) He sounded robotic, slightly monotone, no inflection for emotion or anything that the computerized feature on a Kindle couldn’t do. It was a bit disappointing, because Todd had swagger, a certain way of speaking, and a lot of emotion. I just didnt get that from listening to it. If I didn’t just force myself to concentrate on the words and the actual story, and not the way it was “read” to me, I would have given this 2 stars. However, I put aside the narration and pictured how Todd would have said what he said, while listening and it made it so much better.
This was the first book of Theriot I’ve read, and I will read more of hers. I think, if you’re going to read this story, you should read the Out of the Box series first.


Todd O’Malley has been called many things, from filthy mouthed jerk to legendary Rock God. With his outlandish cocky demeanor – tatted up and pierced, to his constant use of the F-bomb, and the seductive gyrations he performs for the ladies on stage, he is a man every woman craves. But there is only one woman who is able to capture his heart, Kyra Edwards.
That chance meeting at a little coffee shop in Evanston began their journey of compromise, pain, dedication and love.
From the night he took her virginity to Todd’s past sex-capades and consequences threatening their relationship, will Kyra be able to deal with it? With Todd and his band Avenue touring on the road, can he prove to Kyra that he is a changed man? Can he be faithful and avoid temptation?
Jennifer Theriot brings us yet another love story that will capture our hearts. This is truly a story of Beauty and the Beast, where we admire the beauty that is Kyra and adore the beast known as Todd.

You loved him in the Out of the Box series….see what makes him tick within the pages of Toccata Obbligato ~ Serenading Kyra and meet the woman who won his heart.

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