Review ~ Ophelia by Jude Ouvrard

OpheliaOphelia by Jude Ouvrard

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ophelia, still in high school, is getting ready to start her life with a bright future as a pianist. Well, until her world is thrown into such turmoil that she doesn’t recognize it or who she is anymore. This story is about how she lives, gets through life.

Ophelia is lucky enough to have a best friend and a young man that love her very much. They stick by her while she deals with the cards life had dealt her. Jude Ouvrard’s writing is very lyrical and the storyline was interesting and heartbreaking. I enjoyed the story very much.

While reading, I felt that there was a lot of telling and not showing. I wanted to get into Teo and Ophelia’s life more. See more of Ophelia playing the piano like she did with the neighbor girl, and bond with her best friend. The scenes we did have were amazing, and allowed me to connect so much to the journey. I honestly, really loved Teo. I wanted so much more of him.

I actually ended up reading the version from Amazon (got it while it was free), and saw that it still needed some editing.

I would definitely read more of Jude’s work, she has a great style and I love the storyline. Romance, tragedy, healing, more tragedy, and healing for real. Loved it.

For teenage musical prodigy Ophelia Stewart, life couldn’t be better. She has a loving family, a friend who is closer than a sister, and big professional dreams to pursue.collageoph2 But Ophelia’s perfect world is shattered when a disaster claims her parents and forces her into a center for emotionally damaged children where she is required to finish her senior year far from her best friend. Lost and alone, Ophelia tries to cut herself off from connecting with the other young people there, however one of them, Teodore de Luca, refuses to be put off. Breaking through her restraint, the young man insinuates himself into her life, where he becomes her new support system.

What can the future hold for them? Ophelia still has big dreams to pursue. Is there really a place for Teo in them? How can she chose between the man she loves and her passion for music? Can she ever truly commit herself to him? Or is their love destined to be crushed under the weight of her career?



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