Review ~ Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria

Kings of Asphalt (Motorcycle Club Romance)Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like the bad boy and innocent girl type of story, especially when the bonus is two bad boys and one girl. I also like the fact that this girl, Zoey, isn’t the super skinny model type, she’s normal and curvy and still sexy. I just wish that Zoey felt a bit more confident in who she is and not worrying so much about how “fat” she is.

There was some humor and I enjoyed that mixed in what was supposed to be a tough serious biker club story.

The story itself was a guilty pleasure but could have used a bit more … more substance. I feel like it lacked something. Not to mention there were quite a bit of typos. Perhaps more of Hunter and Jax would have added to the story and gave us readers more of a chance to really get to know them.

For what it is, I enjoyed it well enough.


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Alexx Andria delivers a motorcycle club romance between two very bad, yet sexy men and a woman with enough curves to satisfy them both.

My name is Zoe Delacourte. I thought I was going to build my future on the backs of Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen — bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks, running the notorious motorcycle club, the Kings of Asphalt — in my mind, the story had practically written itself. I was so naive. Little did I know they were going to change everything I ever knew about myself.

Jax and Hunter. I can’t even say their names without trembling.

They don’t see a fat girl or a girl who might be pretty if only she’d lose some weight. No, from the moment I walked into their club, they saw a hot, sexy woman with curves for days — and they couldn’t wait to get their hands on me.

Some people call them bad men. They see the rides and the rap sheets and they slap a label on them. I don’t care what they’ve done — all I care about is what they’re going to do to me next.

But loving them is dangerous. In fact, loving them might just get me killed.

*The following MC romance is approximately 41,000 words featuring a strong central love story, danger, and the rough, seedy world dominated by two bad boys and their curvy woman.