Review ~ Falling Under by Jasinda Wilder

Falling Under (Falling, #3)Falling Under by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, so I’ve read all three in the Falling Series and this was my favorite.

First there was Falling into You (Colt and Nell’s story) then, Falling into Us (Jason and Becca’s story). And now Falling Under (Kylie and Oz’s story). Kylie is Colton and Nell’s daughter.

This story was told from three different POV’s and I loved, loved Colton’s in this one. Nell and Colton are older and more mature and their daughter is seventeen, almost eighteen. So, a lot of time has passed.

And now it’s Kylie’s turn to fall in love.

Colton proves to be an amazing father and so lovable. I mean, I seriously teared up just from reading him parent his precious baby girl.

Here’s one of Colt’s awesome quotes:

“My prerogative as your father is to break the face of anyone who fucks with you. And I will, whether you like it or not. So if our boy Oz prefers to have his face in one piece, he’ll treat you like the precious thing you are.”

Or this one …

“We can’t protect her from life, Nell. You know that. She’s going to get hurt someday. All we can do is love her, and be there when it happens.”

Kylie meets Oz at college and they strike up a friendship. I knew who he was from the get go and I’m not usually that quick with guessing stuff. It was a cool part of the plot and made things that much more interesting.

If you liked the others in the series, you must read this one. It ends it all nicely, except for one person. One person, Ben, (remember Becca and Jason’s son?) decided to go away, and I feel everyone got their HEA except for him. So, maybe we’ll get another book? 🙂 Jasinda??? Hint! Hint!

Here’s a quote from Oz:

“You light up the blackness that has been my life, and I don’t know how to ever be the kind of man you need and deserve, but I want to try. For you, for me, and for us.”

And now from Kylie:

“You and I? It may end badly. I may get hurt. But guess what? I don’t care! I’ve never had my heart broken. Maybe I’m fine with risking it, because it’s better than being afraid and going through life bored.”

This story has great loves, long loves, amazing parenting skills, daddy’s little girls, best friends, long time friends, old friends, great music, and some important topics.



My name is Colton Calloway. You’ve heard part of my story, but it turns out there’s more. My little girl, Kylie, is all grown up. Seventeen, beautiful, and talented, just like her mother. And just like Nell, my daughter seems to have fallen for a bad boy, one with a lot of darkness and a lot of secrets.

*  *  *

You thought you knew the whole story. You thought it was over. Happily ever after for everyone.

You were wrong. 

My name is Oz Hyde, and you’ve never met me. I’m part of the story, too, but I’m an aside, a quick line or two you’d all but forgotten about. Well guess what? I’ve got my own story to tell. 

Buckle up, ‘cause this is gonna be a hell of a bumpy ride.

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