Review ~ Room for You by Beth Ehemann

Room for You (Cranberry Inn, #1)Room for You by Beth Ehemann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I really enjoyed this love story. It was the typical famous man heavily pursuing, for the first time in his life, a woman that is broken. The thing that made it special was Brody, the handsome hockey player. Kacie lives in her mother’s inn with her twin five year old daughters. When Brody meets them he nicknames them Twinkies. Seriously, how cute is that?

I rooted for Brody throughout this whole sweet story. I was a bit annoyed with Kacie’s reluctance at committing to Brody. Sometimes it’s just too much, but Brody made up for it in spades.

Also, Brody has a hockey friend, Viper, that was completely awesome. I’d love to see him get his HEA.

This is book 1 of 2, so far. There’s a 2.5 coming out in August. I’d love to see what that’s about.

This is a cute romance with adorable little Twinkies that will steal your heart and an amazing hockey player that will make you fall in love.


Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.

I tried to pick up the pieces and glue them back together the best I knew how, but something was always missing.

A father for my two girls.

But then, Brody Murphy landed on my doorstep, literally. He was a carefree, playful hockey player who barged into my life and messed with my head. He left me more confused than I had ever been.

What if the one thing I thought I needed was the only thing holding me back?

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