Where Have I Been?

Well, I had high hopes of blogging more often after the April A to Z Challenge thing I did. But then crap happens.

When I returned from my son’s Navy Bootcamp graduation in mid May, I came down with the flu. Apparently, it wasn’t just the regular flu, it was the Influenza B virus, which was worse. Anyway, I was bedridden and delirious for about two weeks. It really screwed up my schedule. I had a new college course starting, books I committed to reading, and things to do. But noooo… instead I was trying not to die (not literally, but it felt like it).

So, I’m slowly getting back to normal and trying to catch up.


Here’s a pic of me and my son at his bootcamp graduation.


Me and my son at his Bootcamp Graduation.

Me and my son at his Bootcamp Graduation.


And here is my little one, he had his 8th grade promotion last night.

Antonio & his principal at his 8th grade promotion.

Antonio & his principal at his 8th grade promotion.


I have a couple of announcements:

I was on the Hummingbird Blog Talk Radio the other night with a few other Sweet Romance authors. If you’re interested in listening, click here.

Also, on June 21st, I’ll be doing my first real book signing. I’m so nervous. There will even be panels where I’ll have to read an excerpt from my book. I just hope a few people show up for me and that I’m not the only sad soul there with no fans. LOL. So, if you live in the Los Angeles area, please come by and see us. There will be 20 authors in total and panels so you can get to know us. I hope to see some of you there.


Here’s the flyer: