How to Write When You’re Feeling Stressed?

Ever since I sat on the plane to come home from my youngest’s American Heritage trip, shit hit the fan at work. It has been only two weeks but feels like a lifetime. I’d love to sit here and list all the problems and issues, but I don’t want to bore you with my drama.

But what I would like to talk about is how do we deal with the stress life brings us on top of everything else and still find the time, energy, and desire to write?

I honestly do not have the answer to that question, I know I talked about getting over writer’s block in one of my A to Z posts and all of those suggestions are fine and dandy. But writer’s block is not really my issue. I just think I’m so mentally exhausted I can’t do another thing. See, even after a hellish day at work, I must come home and feed the family, then I have tons of homework to do. I write all the time, academically, but after that’s all said and done, I don’t want to write for me. And that would be fine, but since I’m the type of person that lives in my head a lot, like, I worry, think, plot, plan, and write stories in my head all day. You know, worry about scheduling things, and think about all the things I need to do at work, and plan how I’m going to do then, and plot on how to solve those problems, and not just work wise but at home and for school, too, etc… It never stops. I’m a worry wort. Also, anxiety runs high in my family so I know I have my work cut out for me in that area.

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I’ve also noticed these past two weeks, with all the stress, that I tend to pull into myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed. As if I have no room for anything else, so I try to stay clear of soliciting more issues. Instead I walk around with a full head and no energy to release it. And this isn’t a pity party. I mean, I know I’m not the only busy, stressed out person in the world. But I’d like to know how everyone else deals with this.

A few days ago I read a blog post from Kallypso Masters, and it was about Morning Pages (an exercise she learned from another author/teacher). And the idea is to write three pages, by hand, daily in a journal. Nothing creative, just the stuff that’s in your head. It sounds like a stellar idea, perhaps it would help me feel as if I’m not carrying so much in my mind and allow me to feel lighter, not so stressed. Now I’m going to worry on how to fit that in my morning schedule. 🙂 See … see the pattern here.

Anyway, I’d love for you all to share with me how you work through the stress of everyday life and still continue to write. Any advice or even story in the comments would be wonderful.