A-Z Challenge ~ Writing #atozchallenge

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Writing has been such a chore lately, which is one of the reasons I decided to participate in this challenge. Even though some of my topics may be boring, it has gotten me writing. 🙂

So, for Writing, I’ve decided to talk about how to get back into, and then hope I can follow my own advice.

Stop thinking about it. 

My method of writing is more like working through movies in my mind until I get them right then I go and put them to paper or computer. What I’ve noticed lately, is that I’ve spent so much time in my head that when I want to get it out, I can’t.

That tells me I need to step out of my head. I need to do other things, like read or watch a movie or something. I need to stop isolating myself and be around other people so I can’t hide in my mind. It’s not good to think about your writing too much, it’s too exhausting and when it’s time to write it out, you’re too tired.

Set a time

Think of it as a job, and set a time every day to write. Report to your computer or notebook at, let’s say, 7:00 AM everyday without fail. They say, it takes 21 days to create a habit, so eventually it will be. Remain strong and don’t take a day off.


We all need support and a team to help us work out our stories. Find someone to bounce your stories off of and have them read each chapter as you write it. They’ll kill you if you leave them hanging and don’t give them another chapter. Some one to be accountable to.

You can also find someone to write with. Whether online or at a coffee shop, find someone that needs you as much as you need them. It’s almost like an exercise buddy.


Don’t stunt your ideas by not having an outlet. When inspiration strikes, make sure you have paper or a phone or a tablet to use. Get it out. This also might help you to stop dwelling on a scene until you’re exhausted.



I hope some of these help you get back to it.

Okay, so go write. Now to follow my advice.