A-Z Challenge ~ Ocean #atozchallenge

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Some of the first memories I have are spending time with my dad on his boat in the Atlantic Ocean. When he moved to California, he purchased a 50 foot Fedship and rehabbed it. It turned into a beautiful yacht. We lived on it for several years and would take it to Catalina almost every weekend during the summer months. The ocean has always been a peaceful and comfortable place for me. My husband is not too keen with it, but I was able to convince him to ride a Sea-Doo with me once in Cancun, and he almost had a heart attack. My fearlessness of the ocean and love of speed had him swearing he’d never go with me again. Well, until he felt safe taking a jungle tour with me in Cancun, where we got to drive our own speedboats. And I have tons of experience in driving those, seeing I had a 13 foot Boston Whaler that I’d take everywhere in the Marina del Rey harbor and around Catalina Island as a teenager. Anyway, so we set off on the tour and are following the guide in his own boat, and the guide’s messing around by driving fast and going this way and that. I follow him and jump his wakes, zigzagging back and forth and instantly my husband regrets this adventure. It was a lot of fun. I wish I had pictures of it.

There was another time when I was about sixteen, at Catalina, and we were moored away from the island. My dad wanted to go hiking and I just wanted to cruise around on my whaler. When I dropped him off at the docks, he told me not to speed, how dangerous it was, and blah blah blah. Of course I told him, no problem. Anyway, once he’s out of site, I take off and cruise around, no destination planned, just driving. Finally I think I’m cruising around in a safe enough area where I can get speed and jump a few wakes to catch air, and sure enough I do that a couple of times until I realize hours have passed and it was time to pick up my dad. Well, fast forward a week or so and were back home in MDR. He comes home with some pictures of the trip and I’m flipping through them, when I get to one of me in the whaler completely airborne. I was like, oh crap… busted. Yeah, he took the picture from the top of mountain during his hike. I wasn’t safe at all. LOL Fun memories. Times I’ll never forget.

Here are some of my favorite ocean pictures.

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Antonio, me, and Kristen swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii.

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Ko’olina beach in Hawaii

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Our view of Venice, Italy from the airplane. I’m cheating a little with this one, because it’s really a lagoon that meets two different rivers not an ocean.

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Water Taxi to Venezia

I can’t seem to find pictures, but I also love the beautiful crystal green ocean in Cancun. Even the darker waters in Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas. Just give me an ocean. 🙂

What’s your favorite ocean?