A-Z Challenge ~ Entrepreneurship #atozchallenge

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My dad has always been an Entrepreneur, and I started working for him at a young age. He always made me feel a part of the business. Working for his business was like working for myself, because if I helped the business, I was helping the family. Make sense? Well, it did to me. However, when I graduated high school, I wanted to spread my wings and get my own work experience. So, I began my ten year career in Corporate America. There I learned that regardless of how hard I worked and how much I accomplished, none of it mattered. I was just a number.

My work life shifted once again and so did other things, which led to my dad needing me to run his business. He had moved out of State and needed someone he trusted to take care of things. It was a perfect opportunity that came at the right time.

Working for myself at a company is no different than deciding to write books. There’s discipline involved, making your own hours, and arriving at your job daily without fail (even if it’s the dining room table in your pajamas).

For the past year, I’ve been juggling both, running a company and my writing career. All this on top of going to college full-time and running my household. Okay, that’s a lie … my husband runs the household now. I try to help out every once and a while, but he’s taken over most of the duties. Thank goodness for him. ❤

I love working for myself. I love being able to take a day off to watch my son receive an award at school or take my dog to the doctor. And we all know that there’s another side to that … we never get to fully clock out of work.

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So, what are some of the pros and cons of being an Entrepreneur?



~ You are always on the clock.

~ You work 24/7. Try to shut off your brain… go ahead … I dare you.

~ Money fluctuates. You don’t receive a set paycheck. Sometimes you make a lot and sometimes you don’t make enough to eat.

~ No benefits.

~ Work comes first sometimes. Deadlines may cause other responsibilities to be placed on the back burner. Family and friendships will suffer.

~ Sometimes you lack inspiration and there’s no one there to push you.


~ No boss. Yes!

~ You make your own hours.

~ Sometimes money is really good.

~ Family can benefit from your flexibility.

~ It’s easy to work from wherever you are.

~ You can do what you want with your business. Make/write what you want.

How about all of you? What are your pros and cons of working for yourself or for others?

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