Review ~ Under These Restless Skies by Lissa Bryan

Under These Restless SkiesUnder These Restless Skies by Lissa Bryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing story with so many wonderful lines. I wish I had written some down. I loved how Will called Emma, “Sweeting” it’s so different yet endearing. Will was a wonderful and very strong MC, and his love for his Selkie was amazing. He was in awe that anyone would marry and love him, but he had the gentlest soul. Will was not a handsome hunk of a man, a physically attractive man, but I honestly felt his personality, mind, heart, and soul made him as swoon worthy as any other book boyfriend out there. He was a gentle man, but when his wife was in danger, he went up against the king, himself without hesitation, knowing full well what his own fate could have been. King Henry VIII was not a forgiving man. Lissa wrote this story so beautifully. Getting so close to Anne Boleyn and seeing the side that Lissa wrote was special. I have read this time in history a lot and enjoy it very much. I’m a bit obsessed with it actually. So, I enjoyed Lissa’s take on it all.

This is a story I could read over and over, and I never do that. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves historicals, romance, selkies, Tudor times, Anne Boleyn, and an amazing Hero.


Will Somers has always thought himself unlovable. When he encounters a creature of myth and magic, he seizes the chance to finally have a wife and family of his own. Emma is a selkie—one of the immortal fae-folk of the sea—bound to Will by the magic of her kind, and eager to learn about life on land. She has to learn to adapt quickly to human customs, because Will is headed for the court of Henry VIII, to serve as the king’s fool. It’s a glittering, dangerous world, where a careless word can lead to the scaffold and the smallest of gestures is loaded with political implications. Anne Boleyn is charmed by Emma’s naïveté and soothing selkie magic and wants Emma for her own fool. Can Will protect his newfound love from the dangers that lurk in every shadow? Circa regna tonat: around the throne, the thunder rolls.