Review ~ Pearl on Cherry by Chanse Lowell

Pearl on CherryPearl on Cherry by Chanse Lowell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the characters, the pace, the setting, and the whole plot. This is an explicit story with great sex scenes based around great plot. Seriously, the scenes were hot and this should not be read in public. Clarissa and William had a new relationship and were learning about their base desires. They were perfect for each other as they wanted the same things. Clarissa had no idea what she needed or wanted and William thought he was dark and vial for wanting the things he did. They learned from each other that those things were perfectly fine.
Clarissa was the light to William’s dark and they battled each other’s demons together. I loved how good Clarissa was for him and how good he was for her. I felt very invested in those two and even in a few other characters by the end. I would love see side stories written about a few of them.
Lowell did a great job with the story.

I recommend this to anyone who likes historical erotica and romance.

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Clarissa Stone never thought she had a chance to make it on stage, but a strike in 1907 at the music hall in New York City opens up a door, and she races to it. The path isn’t easy, and especially not after catching the eye of William Berling Ferrismore III. Money and power have gone to his head, and he uses that to his advantage, sating his sexual appetite with the women on stage. Clarissa won’t be caught so easy, but William doesn’t play by the rules. How can she prove her worth as an actress with his defaming ways?

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