FREE Holiday Anthology


Hi, everyone!

School is back in session so I’ve been trying to readjust to my old schedule of work, school, squeeze in a little family time, try to write, dinner, homework, and sleep. In between all of that, I joined with fourteen other wonderful authors from Exquisite Quills to write a short story for a Holiday Anthology. I think the anthology turned out lovely. The holiday stories are all romance related in different genres. And it’s FREE, in case you didn’t catch that.

You can only find the book on Smashwords, but it comes in all different formats for easy access on any device. Add it to your “To Be Read” list on Goodreads. 

Here’s the gorgeous cover!


I want to thanks Rose Anderson for putting this together, to the wonderful people that edited, and to Carey Abbott for that perfect cover. And of course all of the authors that collaborated to create this great treat for the holidays.

Enjoy !!