Review ~ A Tattered Love by Nickie Seidler

A Tattered LoveA Tattered Love by Nickie Seidler


Let me start by saying that the story line was pretty good. It did keep me interested and a few parts even had me on the edge of my seat. However, the ARC copy I read needed to be edited heavily. Some of the dialogue didn’t flow realistically, there was awkward wording, and quite a bit of repetitive wording. I know this is more than common in an ARC so I didn’t deduct much for that. I’m sure it will all be fixed for the release.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


The story itself was predictable at times, but it was intriguing. Riley and Dustin had the typical instant attraction but came face to face with too many obstacles. As fast as they got together they were breaking up and often. They were real issues and things that were understandable. They both tried being the martyr to save the other trouble. Dustin was a very sweet guy but has this insanely rich family that tried to keep him and Riley apart. Riley has a past that won’t escape her and one that’s not her fault but is still punished for. After so many ups and downs they finally made things work. I wish the epilogue could have been a little bit longer.

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