Release Day ~ My Mr. Manny by Jennifer Garcia

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Please join me in celebrating the release of my debut novel, My Mr. Manny

I hope you can stop by the release party this evening on Facebook. You can join in anytime during the festivities and take your chance at winning some great prizes. 🙂

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My Mr.Manny’s Summary: 

Mia Balducci misses her childhood days and yearns for the big, Italian family that she left behind in small town Massachusetts. At the tender age of sixteen, Mia moves with her bachelor father to Los Angeles, but no matter how many years pass, it never becomes home to her. The years spent living with her father aren’t easy, especially since she can’t stop thinking about what she once had. Her enrollment in the University of Southern California promises to bring exciting changes to her life, but Mia winds up with big problems instead. When she runs into an old friend from her old hometown of Winthrop, she gets swept up in nostalgia, and she soon loses herself in a quickly-progressing romance. When the fantasy falls apart, she is left to raise her precious little girl, Lucia, on her own. The demands of Mia’s work schedule and Lucia’s needs increase, and their lives become increasingly hectic. It is soon clear to Mia that she needs help. Luckily, her life-saving cousin saves the day and brings the mother and daughter a male nanny – their new “manny.”

After losing his high-pressure job on Wall Street, Dominic Roberts wants to follow his dreams to have a family. He’s already one fiancée down, and there are no likely prospects for another. In order to find the family he so desperately wants, he finds himself getting into the manny business. Since he is fully qualified to provide child care and is eager to leave New York City behind, his sister-in-law is able to land him a job in California working for his first client – the beautiful and intriguing Mia Balducci.

Will Lucia like the new man in her mother’s life? Will Mia? And will this new trio discover the happily ever after they all so desperately seek?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

My heart raced, and my breaths came in short pants while I stood against Mrs. Lawson’s house. I did not want to be found, so I pressed my small hands flat against my chest to hold back the fear and excitement.

While I calmed myself against the gray, vinyl siding, I paid attention to my surroundings. The scent of lilac and jasmine was overpowering in the heavy, hot air. There was no breeze from the nearby ocean, thus no relief from the heat wave.

Over the sounds of my neighbor’s blaring television, I heard my cousin, Lori, scream at the top of her lungs. She’d been caught. The laughter that followed was too close for comfort. Alex was “it,” and I’d have to stand my ground until he moved further away.

When I didn’t hear anything else, I looked around the corner of the house to see if anyone was near me. My heart beat in my chest, and the fear of Alex sneaking up on me had me on edge. The coast was clear. I bolted, ducking under apple trees and jumping over jasmine bushes through the back yards of all my neighbors.

The houses in the neighborhood were tall, and the yards were massive, lending us little coverage. I hopped over a low chain-link gate that separated one yard from the next. Very few of the properties had fences, and those that did had only low barriers that were small enough for us to jump.

It was dusk and almost time for us to go in for the night. The streetlights weren’t on yet, so I assumed we had a few more minutes. When I reached the last house to my goal, I peeked my head out from the side of Mrs. Andriotti’s house to scan the street. I had to get across to the other side and touch the light post in front of my house without getting caught. A few kids were there already, but Alex was nowhere to be seen. I hoped he was searching for me somewhere else and not hiding near the post. First looking left then right, I booked it as fast as I could. Everyone started screaming, but I touched the post just before someone grabbed me. Even though I knew who it was, I jumped.

“I’m safe!” I screamed.
“You’re so lucky. I almost had you,” Alex complained with a pout.
Gasping, I tried to catch my breath, but my laughter made it difficult. “Ha ha! I made it. I

guess you’re gonna have to try harder to get me next time,” I teased.
“Mia, it’s time to come in,” my mother yelled.
The smile on my face faded in an instant, and I waved to everyone before I turned around

and went inside.