Review ~ A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae

A Love by Any MeasureA Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae



An Irish lass. An English lord.
A love that overcomes all boundaries, but at what cost?

Lord August Grayson, English landlord, has secretly, and much to the dismay of his father, held in reverence the object of his first fancy: poor Irish tenant Maeve O’Connor. Returning to Ireland for the first time since his youth, August discovers that Maeve has grown into a woman of beauty and tenacity. He understands, however, that he could offer Maeve nothing but shame if her pursued her. But when circumstances allow him an opportunity to indulge his fancy, even if only in a limited scope, August finds himself unable to resist the temptation.

Maeve,for her part, knows the danger falling for August holds, but finds her heart and her good senses becoming confused the longer she spends in his company. As two hearts become hopelessly entangled, both Maeve and August are forced to question the costs of their love. As consequences of their romance manifest, both struggle with the pain and difficulties their love causes, both for themselves and those who care for them.

Killian McRae’s delve into historical romance will challenge reader’s presumptions of the genre. A title garnering controversy due to McRae’s preference towards historical truth versus genre-standard “love despite the realities of the day” perspectives, it asks at what cost winning love is justified. “A Love by Any Measure” is an exploration of a romance that strives to overcome divisions of cultural, socio-economic, and religious differences in an era where options for lovers in such situations were limited.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars


I’m not sure why this story left me a bit frustrated. I don’t know if it was the narration, I listened to the audio book, or the long ridiculous road the lovers went through to get where they wanted to be. It seemed so long and drawn out and too many unneeded plot devices.

The audio narration was not the best I’ve ever heard. I listen to a lot of books, and most of the time can get used to a voice after the first few minutes. However, this narrator was not that great.

I loved the premise, the idea of it, and I loved the historical factor so much, but something seemed to miss the mark for me. I am a romantic at heart and always want the love interests to get their happy ending. However, I was not as invested in these two, but because I need my perfect ending, I had to finish to see how they’d get theirs. The ending was so good and so perfect, I just wished the some of the means to get there weren’t so unnecessary.

I still enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to someone who likes historicals.

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