Sexy Snippets

Here is a sexy snippet from my upcoming novel, My Mr. Manny.


After leaving her home and family behind to move across the country, Mia Balducci finds herself yearning for the people she loves. Grasping for a piece of her childhood, she find solace in the familiarity of an old hometown friend. Events beyond her control occur and she’s left alone with her daughter. In need of help, Mia lucks out with a handsome Manny (male nanny). Dominic is just what Mia and her daughter, Lucia, need in their lives. Dominic leaves his problems behind in New York in search of a ready-made family. He finds it and so much more in California.

It will be available August 27th. Place My Mr. Manny on your Goodreads “to be read” list.Β 

Standing back, I watched as he let his pants drop to the floor so I was able to appreciate his strong legs. They were long with defined muscles covered in black wisps of hair. He placed his pants on the chair behind him, and I caught a look at his tight ass in his dark gray boxer briefs. As a full package, Dominic was complete perfection. Hell, even in parts he was perfection. When he turned back toward me, he looked right into my eyes and I let out a shaky breath. My eyes were sucked in by his and I watched as they changed color, turned darker.

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