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Full House (Quick Read)Full House by Maeve Binchy


Rosie moved out when she got married, but it didn’t work out, so now she is back with her parents. Helen is a teacher and doesn’t earn enough for a place of her own. Anthony writes songs and is just waiting for the day when someone will pay him for them. Until then, all three are happy at home. It doesn’t cost them anything, and surely their parents like having a full house?

Then there is a crisis, and Dee decides things have to change for the whole family… whether they like it or not.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a very short story, one I would think that Binchy would not be able to complete in so few pages because of the intricate way she weaves so many lives and stories into one plot line. But she did it. This short story did not have a million and one lives interweaved, but it did show the lives of one family and a few of their friends. Did I feel satisfied with the ending? Yes. Did I want more? I always do, so nothings changed there.

This story felt so close to home to me. Dee, a wife and mother of three adult children works with her friend as a cleaning lady in her own business. She works hard and long, but still has to come home and iron, cook, clean, supply the food, and pay the for all of it. Her husband loses his job right at the beginning of the book and Dee just loses it. All her aggravation with her children being lazy mooches just built up too much and she decides it’s time to set some rules.

She no longer cooks for them, tells them if they want to stay they must pay rent, and they can iron their own clothes. Well, those spoiled adult children were insulted that they’d have to do so in their own home, so they all left and realized how easy they had it. They realized how much they took advantage of and tried not to be bitter with how they were basically kicked out of their home.

Dee rented their rooms and supplemented their income to some great girls so that she and her husband could go on their twenty-fifth anniversary trip to Sicily as well as have enough money to pay bills.

It was such a great storyline and I related to a time when I had adult children living in my home and not pulling their weight. Binchy did a wonderful job getting the message across in so few words.

I’d recommend this for anyone who needs a short read.

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