Great News and More News

Great News

Well, I’d like to start off by sharing my excitement. I woke up today to find my first book, a short story, posted on Goodreads. Why is that exciting? I poured my time, love, and heart into writing that story that I want to share with everyone. Once I finished writing it, I felt disconnected from it. Like, okay, it’s done now time to move on to something else. Then I went through editing and it still felt unreal–surreal. But when I saw the first real step, proof that it is really happening, When I saw my name on Goodreads with the book title above it, I nearly had an anxiety attack. This is really happening! I think my arms are going to be bruised from pinching myself so much. 🙂

Here’s the listing on Goodreads. In My Mother’s Footsteps by Forbes Arnone Please check it out and if it looks like something you’d like to read then put it on your “want to read” list. 🙂 I’d greatly appreciate it.

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More News

Renaissance Romance Publishing has some great things planned for this summer. Besides my short story that will be released in July, I have a novel coming out in August. They also have two Beach Read compilations: Summer Heat and Heat Wave from some incredible authors. Lisa Bilbrey’s third installment of her Journey Series, The Journey to Forever, will be released and Lorenz Font has another book releasing, Invisible Line.

Speaking of all of those releases, we have Open Blog Tours to fill. If you’re an author or blogger that would like to participate in blog tours, please sign up.

Renaissance Romance Publishing also has a Newsletter that we would like you to sign up for, so you can get all of the up to date info as it comes.

For those authors out there, we have two more pending Open Calls for Renaissance Romance Publishing. Submit!! 😉

And last but not least, if you like free books, you can earn them on this new website I just found. All you have to do is help spread some buzz about the books posted on there. Here’s my profile on Libboo. Go create your own and let’s create some buzz together.

As Indie authors, we need all the buzz we can get. Thank you for stopping by and helping out any way you can!