Review ~ Vacant by Evelyn R. Baldwin

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4 Stars

I think my biggest complaint was this book was not longer. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing. I was invested in Ethan in just the first few pages. I was even more involved with Emily as I went through it with Ethan. I love how they evolved and grew and just loved! And it wasn’t a simple, quick start for them either.

The author did a great job creating characters that grabbed me right away and in so few words. I truly wanted more. This could have been a novel. I would have enjoyed getting more of their daily lives and struggles, BUT I think Evelyn did a wonderful job picking scenes that were needed to keep it a short story.

I found, with my not so grammatically correct eyes, just a few errors, but nothing that really distracted me. Well, one did just a little … In  a scene with fighting neighbors the word Punta was used and it should have been Puta. But otherwise nothing serious.

I can’t wait until the author writes something else. I want more! 🙂 Great job!

Please see her blog tour post for more info about the book and the author.