My Poems

I thought I’d share the poems I wrote to enter an Acrostic Poetry Contest put on by Free Writers and Readers.

I won 2nd place for my entry, PTSD …

Nano Nostrovia! Poetry has also posted this poem to their site

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This is the picture prompt used to inspire the poem. As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of my nephew that bravely served our country for two tours in Afghanistan. Love you, buddy.
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by: Jennifer Garcia

Panic, taken over my life

Overwhelming, feelings of strife

Stress, consumed my mind

Trust, cannot find

Triggers, uncalming

Roadside bombings

Around, explosions, gunfire

Unsettled, dire

Mortar guns, my specialty

Acknowledgment, Sergeant that’s me

The soldier, the proud, the few

Impaired, askew

Change, my life anew

Sleepless, nightmares haunt

Taliban, taunt

Resentment, piety

Eating disorders, anxiety

Sensitive, my soul

Savages, they stole

Detached, I’ve become

Irritable, numb

Shocked, anger

Onset, feelings of danger

Return, structure and teams

Damaged, no more dreams

Envious, of the old me

Return, to who I used to be

The next picture prompt inspired some fun.
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by: Jennifer Garcia

Teasing, I know your fate

Every day, I watch and wait

My turn will come, little one

Promises, you will become my chum

Tangy or sweet?

Angel’s little treat

Taunting, you always are

Indeed you’re a star

One day, you’ll be mine

Now, I’ll just bide my time.

And this last one just made me think of repairing a broken heart.
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by: Jennifer Garcia

Trust me with your heart

Repair and mend, I will from the start

Understanding and trust in me you place

Supporting your heart with my tiny hands

To love you forever so your heart will expand

Mending, the pain you will forget

Entrusted to protect you from any further threat

Always you will be my man

Loving you with everything I am

Wedding bells, will I see

After you said, you loved me

Yearning no more, we are together

Sighing hearts and romance forever