Toys for Tots! What Can You Do With $5.00?

I’d like to pull at everyone’s heart strings a little bit today. We are so close to Christmas and we know how tight and horrible the economy is … but even when the economy is good there are so many children that go without. There are families far worse off than we are, and if we take just $5.00, that’s it, to donate it can put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas.

I can skip a Starbucks coffee or an extra treat to give a child a Christmas gift. Can you?

Donate Here!

A bunch of authors got together and wrote little stories for the cause. A friend of mine that is so passionate about this cause is putting this all together. A compilation of the stories will go out to all who donate.

Send your email address and a copy of the donation receipt HERE and you’ll receive the compilation.

Remember, just $5.00 can give Christmas to a child this year.


Christmas Wishes