NaNo ~ Day 6 & 7 ~ Confessions of a NaNoer

So I’m figuring this thing out little by little. NaNo has become a constant thought since last month, and now that it’s here I find that I can’t write every single day. I guess the  most difficult part of that is getting over the guilty feeling and just accept that when I can write I will catch up.

I did it on days 4 & 5 and now I’ve done it on days 6 & 7.

Day 6 was a bust because I had tons of homework, and I’ve realized that I shouldn’t even expect to write on those days. And it’s fine. I can let it go and not stress about it.

What makes it all better is when I do sit down to write and I kick butt. No, I’m not pounding out 10k words a day as many of my counterparts are, but I am doing pretty darn good for me.

Day 7 proved to be successful. I did 3601 words, which put me at a grand total of 12248!

Yeah, I was a bit excited and may even did a victory dance too! 🙂

I guess the only advice I can give is to do what you can when you can. When you do have time to write take advantage of it. When you can’t write don’t let it get you down.

Good luck and keep on typing!! Go NaNoers!!