Review ~ Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan

Lessons LearnedLessons Learned by Sydney Logan
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Wahh!! I cried so many tears: happy and sad.

This book needs a tissue warning on the inside cover.

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I want everyone to know how great this book is, and I want them to read it so they can experience the wonderful story I just did. I was able to devour it in one day. It was that good!
I love to share books that leave me with a lesson learned and this story, Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan, was amazing. I was left with such a feeling of wanting to change the world that it just proved to me that Sydney Logan has such an incredible way with words. She was able to build the two main characters so well that I was instantly attached to them. Sarah was so hurt and broken, but she was also strong and resilient. Lucas was the most loving and patient man ever, and it’s incredible how fast I fell in love with him. He helped Sarah learn to accept good things in life and love freely with out fear of it all crashing down on them.

Then you have the friends, neighbors, and coworkers that they dealt with and Sydney did such a wonderful job making them so real. I’ve known people like them and I’ve dealt with some of those controversies. Everything felt so complete, deep, and real.

The lesson Sydney’s characters taught us is even if you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs or decisions you still need to respect them. And that subject is so relevant to our times. The subject may be controversial, but the message and outcome is so good, so positive, and so inspiring.

ARC courtesy of The Writer’s Coffee Shop via NetGalley

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